Each Sunday I make a point to speak directly to my community by wondering.  As a recovering Type-A and entrepreneur, I’m curious.  I’m a learner.  As a human, I’m on a personal journey.  Just as I’m growing, my business is growing too.

Through weekly wonderings, I share my truths with you: insights, goals, lessons, and findings.  I do this because writing, storytelling, and being myself is a way for you to get to know me on personal level, but also so that you have a single place to go where you can learn all about creative content marketing.  The ultimate goal is to create amazing content so that you can succeed in your business.

Weekly wonderings gives you and me the opportunity to get together and learn from each other.  When you see my email come through, you can hit reply and join in the conversation.  It’s personal.  It’s intimate.  It’s vulnerable.  It’s a learning experience.  And we’re in this together.

Meet Amber

Writer. Digital nomad. Wonderer. Content creator. Enjoys cognitive dissonance. Chocolate seeker. Podcast lover. Fan of the Oxford comma.