Because we all need a group of people who gets us!  

The Second Shift is that coveted time you get after work, after the kids are in bed, and after all of your responsibilities are done.  It’s the non-negotiable time in your day when you work on your passion project.

Here’s the truth, when you have something that you care so deeply about, you are going to make it happen.  But, it can be lonely and terrifying sitting on your couch in your jam-jams burning the midnight oil for the 3rd night in a row.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you had a tribe that got you….that understood why you stay up so late working on your project?  But, wouldn’t it be even better if you would swap war stories and trade resources too!?!

The Second Shift is the support team you’ve been looking for.  We are the ones who get what you’re all about.  We understand that how hard it is to DIY your side-business.  We understand what it takes to hustle, even after you’ve been hustling for someone else all dang day.  We are the ones who get it.

This is exactly why I created The Second Shift – because you’re not alone in this journey and you deserve to be surrounded by real peers.

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